Why Does Veterinary Assistant Academy Offer Vet Assistant Training?

When we evaluated the growth potential of a vet assistant career, the quality of life a vet assistant career affords and the flexibility of a vet assistant career, we noticed that there was tremendous potential for someone looking to become a veterinary assistant, yet only a few opportunities for someone who could not afford a two year program at a local college, so we chose to develop an affordable alternative.

Why Do Individuals Choose Veterinary Assistant Academy Training?

Because they can train at home to make good money and have a skill that is in demand. Plus our students tell us that they like our personal approach to home-study training. They can contact us for help anytime.

Are Your Courses Easy To Learn?

Yes. Here at Veterinary Assistant Academy we show you step by step how to perform the skills you need in order to start your new career. Our courses include simulated exercises that you will actually perform in your career.

Do I Need Any Previous Schooling?

You need no previous schooling or medical experience. You will in fact need to know how to read, write and follow instructions in order to begin the course. You will also need to know how to use a computer. This course is perfect for high school seniors wanting to get a head start on their career!

What Is The Earning Range For Veterinary Assistant Academy Careers?

Because salaries vary from state to state and region to region, we suggest you inquire in your area. You should be pleased with what you discover.

What Other Fees Are There?

There are NO additional or hidden fees with our online program.

Who Will I Be Working For?

You will have the option to work for corporate veterinary hospitals, privately owned and operated Veterinary practices, shelters, laboratory and research facilities or pharmaceutical companies.

Will I Need To Buy a Bunch Of Extra Supplies?

No. You will need to have a working computer with internet access and a notebook to take notes.

What Degrees Or Certificates Are Granted By The Program?

When you complete the entire course and possess a passing grade of 70% or higher, you will receive certification from Veterinary Assistant Academy

How Long Will It Take Me To Finish The Program?

This is highly variable depending on how much of your time you dedicate to the program. The average student usually completes the course in about 4 months.

What Is A Veterinary assistant?

A veterinary Assistant is similar to a registered nurse for animals. They provide assistance to the veterinarians in primary animal care. An assistant will also assist in client education, sales, and marketing.

What Other Skills Should I Have To Be Successful In The Online Program?

Taking responsibility, organizational skills, time management, working independently, active learning skills, as well as the will to succeed.

How Does Testing Take Place In The Online Program?

Online education students are required to complete testing at the end of each unit and a final exam at the end of the course.

What Do I Do If I Lose Internet Access Or My Computer “Crashes”?

Emergencies happen. Keep in mind that you can access your classes from any computer anywhere. You can go to a friends house, visit your local library or rent a computer if the need arises.

I Have Been Out Of School For A Long Time. Will I Have Trouble?

Absolutely not! Veterinary Assistant Academy’s online training is unlike conventional classes at other schools. With the lessons being online, you can watch them over and over again if you have too. And even though the training is very easy to understand, you proceed at YOUR own pace and learn at YOUR most comfortable speed.

Do I Need Any Previous Experience?

Here at Veterinary Assistant Academy are program is designed so even beginners with no experience can get off to a fast start toward an exciting new career.

When Do Classes Start?

Enroll now and start immediately! There’s no need to wait for a class to form or for the next semester to begin. Class is in session when YOU are ready.

How Much Work Is Available?

In the field of veterinary medicine the current demand for vet assistants is great and is growing much faster than other segments of the economy.

How Will I Find Work When I Am Ready?

Veterinary Assistant Academy offers job postings and access to a resume program for it’s graduates. These postings offer information on such items as how to contact employers, how to present your credentials and how to create an impressive resume. We will offer you step by step instructions on how to be successful entering into your new career.

What Is The Potential For Advancement?

Typically, your earnings grow as you gain more and more experience.

Where Can I Find The Course Curriculum?

The course curriculum can be found HERE.

What Are The Physical Job Requirements Of A Veterinary Assistant?

A veterinary assistant should possess the ability to tolerate walking and standing for sustained and prolonged periods of time (85% of workday). Capable of lifting from floor to waist level and/or carrying up to forty pounds unassisted frequently, and up to fifty pounds or more with assistance occasionally. They should also have the ability to bend over at the waist, twist the trunk, squat, kneel, reach above the head, and have sufficient grip strength to safely handle and restrain any species aggressive or not.

What Kind Of Working Conditions Will I Be In?

A veterinary assistant may work indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions. They may work day time or night time hours. The work may at times be stressful, sometimes emotionally charged, and often fast paced. There is frequent exposure to loud noises, odors, animal pain and suffering, blood, and exposure to potential allergens.

What Is The Cost Of This Program?

A program at your local community college will often end up costing you around $5,000.00 or more, but our online program is only $997 with no hidden costs or registration fees.

How Does Veterinary Assistant Academy Decide What’s Included In The Program?

Careful consideration of the needs of our students and what veterinarians are looking for in an applicant determine our curriculum. We feel as though the Veterinary Assistant Academy program delivers the same quality as a college program, but with the flexibility and value needed for some individuals.

Can I Study From Anywhere In The World?

Yes. Our online course is accessible to students worldwide.

Does My Certification Expire?

No. Once you have completed our online course with a passing grade and received your certification, it is valid for life.

What If I Don’t Pass An Exam?

Your initial exam score will be used, but you will be able to retest as needed in order for you to pass that section with a 70% or better since we will average your scores.

What If I Do Not Understand Something?

Upon enrollment, you will have access to representatives who will be able to help you with your work and any questions you may have. Our representative’s job is to provide you with academic support and guidance if required.

Will I Need Work Experience After I Complete Your Course?

We will help you find local veterinarians in your area that may provide a work study program for our students. We strongly recommend you volunteer for a local veterinarian while taking our training program in order to obtain hands on experience.

Is There A Specific Sequence That I Need To Follow To Complete The Course?

Yes, there is a specific order in which the program needs to be completed. Since some of course work  is more advanced and builds on the previous section, you will need to start at the beginners level in order to build a strong foundation.

What Is The Difference Between A Veterinary Assistant And A Certified Veterinary Technician?

A Certified Veterinary Technician has earned a degree from an accredited college, whereas a Veterinary Assistant typically has less schooling.

Is There a Charge For a Replacement Certification Certificate?

There is a small fee of $5 for a replacement certificate. This charge covers shipping and handling of the replacement certificate.

Is There A Required Number Of Hours That I Have To Be Online?

No. It does not matter if it takes you 1 hour a day or 10 hours to complete your unit. With Veterinary Assistant Academy offering 24 hour access to your account you can work as long or as little as YOU need to.

Was Veterinary Assistant Academy Created By A Real Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine?

Yes. Dr. Keith Webb, founder of Veterinary Assistant Academy, has owned and operated several successful veterinary hospitals in the Dallas area and still practices at his Rockwall, TX veterinary hospital today.

Why Should I Take This Online Program Versus Going To My Local College?

Attending your local college and obtaining an Associates Degree can be very expensive, and many people who would love to train for a vet assistant career can’t afford to take two years off to study. The programs at these institutions will give you the skills and background you need to get started on an exciting and rewarding career – and with nearly 160 of them across the country, there’s probably one near you. Alternatively, you can choose to get your training through an online program like Veterinary Assistant Academy. These programs are typically more affordable, allow you to learn at your own pace, take a lot less time to complete, and allow you the flexibility to work or attend high school while training for a new career.

I’m Still Attending High School, Am I Too Young For This Program?

Absolutely not. You are never too young or too old to enrich your mind, broaden your skills or start down the path towards your new career. If you are still in high school make sure to involve your parents in your decision making process.

Will My Employer Reimburse Me For The Cost Of This Program?

That would be up to your employer and their policy regarding continuing education. If you are currently working in a field that deals with animals and you have room for advancement, It certainly would not hurt to discuss this directly with your employer. We can keep your employer informed of your progress through our progress tracker.

We are sorry to inform you, but we are no longer accepting enrollment due to our acquisition. Good luck in your future endeavors!