Discover How Easy It Is To Begin
Your Veterinary Assistant Career

“Hands On Training By Qualified Veterinary Mentors Makes It Easy”

You want to turn your love of animals into a career but have no idea where to begin. Or you have tried to get a job before but ran into the old “Sorry, we’re looking for someone with experience” wall.

At last there is a way you can make a difference in the lives of pets and the families that own them. Now, you can get all the skills needed to be a veterinarian assistant. You will be able to perform the tasks required to assist a veterinarian in the care for critically injured animals, confidently negotiate laboratory equipment, clean and maintain cages and kennels, assist in clerical duties, take charge of administering vaccinations and medication, or offer key support in surgeries.

If you are ready to change your life, and the lives of others in your community, take the first step…

Preparing For Your Veterinary Assistant Career

Once you have made the decision to make animal care your career you need to get the right education. Choosing between the many excellent training facilities can be challenging. So let us examine your options as a budding student in the rewarding veterinary assistant career choice.

The first option is a Veterinary Assistant degree through a community college or other institution of higher learning. These institutions offer a high level of learning and will definitely give you the educational background and theory needed for you to pursue your exciting animal care career. There are many such institutions across the country and you are sure to find one within driving distance of your home.

One of the biggest disadvantages that many people find with these institutions is the cost of learning. Expensive degrees are increasingly becoming out of reach of many people looking for a new career. Two years of study is also often a burden that many people cannot carry when training for their first career, or trying to support a family at the same time.

Fortunately, if you find yourself in this situation, there are other alternatives. The Veterinary Assistant Academy is an online program designed to give you the same level of experience in a much more friendly manner.

  • Learn at your own pace through the online veterinary assistant programs. Often students are able to complete the full training in four months or less and ready to begin their new career
  • You pay less because of the reduced overheads compared to local colleges
  • You don’t have to buy costly books because most online training centers offer all-inclusive tuition
  • No high school diploma or G.E.D. enrollment requirements
  • No waiting for new semesters to take the first step in building your new life

You are making an important decision and should carefully consider all your options.

  • How much money you will need for tuition and books
  • How much time you can devote to study
  • Can you commit to full-time study hours every week
  • Do you have to give up your job or hire a baby sitter
  • Can you afford to wait 2 full years before you start earning extra money.

YOU have to choose between attending classes or online study. If you choose online study does the course provide you essential hands-on training. Does the online program of your choice offer you the latest veterinary software training and does it do all this at a price you can afford?

Essential Hands-On Training

Once upon a time institutional veterinary assistant programs had the advantage of providing hands on training in the campus facilities as part of the curriculum. In those days online programs struggled getting their students the practical experience that is favored in the market place.

Today that has all changed. Today online veterinary assistant students have the advantage of the Veterinary Assistant Academy. No longer is your training confined to the Internet. Today you can get training in the real life application of a veterinary hospital. Not just the artificial setting of a classroom, but working alongside real veterinarians dealing with real pets.

Getting the essential experience in real world applications is the primary function of the Veterinary Assistant Academy mentorship program. Students volunteer at local veterinarian hospitals to learn animal restraint, drawing blood, using the laboratory, administering medication and assisting with surgeries.

Once you have achieved your qualification there will be no surprises on your first day of work. Your experience will rocket you to the top of any job application pile. First-hand knowledge and experience as taught by local veterinarians and experienced veterinarian technicians and assistants will prove invaluable to your goal of helping change the lives of animals in your community.

Industry Leading
Veterinary Training Software
and Certification

Your faculty at the Veterinary Assistant Academy wanted to bring you the very best in educational tools to help you in your journey to becoming a veterinary assistant. No expense has been spared in bringing you the AVImark veterinary software to help you turn your dreams into a successful career.

As part of your curriculum you will have access to the software that is the industry standard in most veterinary clinics. You would think that all veterinary courses would include this vital piece of training, but only the Veterinary Assistant Academy understands that in times of job scarcity every extra skill-set you have can mean the difference between food on the table and going hungry.

Veterinary Assistant Academy puts you in the best possible position when applying for a job because we go further than any of our competitors in making sure you have a superior education that includes EVERY aspect of training.

AVImark is the most widely used software in veterinarian clinics across the United States. It has gained this honor by being the most functional and user friendly system in the industry. But that is not the only reason we have chosen to include it as a standard part of our curriculum. When you have completed your AVImark software training, McAllister Software Systems will send you a certificate validating your competence and skill in operating the software. You will have the expertise to be competent and your potential employers will have confidence in hiring you.

Making Your Education Affordable

Veterinary Assistant Academy knows that the $20,000 or more per year cost of attending a local college is beyond many people. These institutions have large overhead expenses like mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, a large faculty, and maintenance expenses that require high student fees. And accommodation or travel expenses can add a significant burden to already high expenses.

Our goal at the Veterinary Assistant Academy was not just to be cheaper than institutional learning but to make your education affordable no matter what your family situation is. We have committed to providing a payment option to accommodate everyone’s budget. Do not let finance be the hurdle that stops you achieving your dream.

Veterinary Assistant Academy – The Only Choice

Veterinary Assistant Academy is the only choice when it comes to offering you an affordable program that allows you to study when you want and at a pace that suites you. It is the only choice that offers you comprehensive and all inclusive tuition – no expensive books to buy and the industry standard software included. There are no educational prerequisites baring your entry. Veterinary Assistant Academy is the only choice that allows you to start when you are ready and allows you to complete your training in as little as four months.

Even when compared to other online courses Veterinary Assistant Academy is the only choice that offers a complete curriculum including a hospital manager program and veterinary software training and certification. The only choice that includes the industry leading mentorship program to get the essential hands-on training you need and the support of your Veterinary Assistant Academy faculty and staff whenever you need them. All this, and the option to spread your tuition out over one full year.

Helping You Every Step Of The Way

We want you to be completely comfortable that you have made the right choice in planning your career. If there any questions that you may have about a career in veterinary assistance, or in making the right choice of training facilities, we would like to offer you the service of one of our admission counselors at Veterinary Assistant Academy. You are free to call us at 877-994-6888 and discuss your new career.

We are sorry to inform you, but we are no longer accepting enrollment due to our acquisition. Good luck in your future endeavors!